Christmas photos 

Christmas time is so magical for me, it’s probably my favorite holiday! I love the warmth of the season, everyone just seems more happy and friendly this time of year. 

And of course the main reason for the season, the birth of Jesus. 

I’m hoping that Matthew grows to love Christmas too. 

One tradition I enjoy is exchanging Christmas cards with friends and family. 

This year, we wanted to take Christmas photos in the snow. We drove up to the mountains, near Donner Lake, with my dear cousin Oksana who made the best photographer!

 Matthew touched snow for the first time, he thought it was funny, but overall, he was not a fan of the cold. 

We got some great shots, but, being the photography noob I am, I told Oksana to turn on the flash, which I learned is a big no no for daytime snow pictures. 

Half of the photos turned out super bright/washed out, and we didn’t realize this until we were on the way home! 

We still got some usable ones, but had to pull over and snap a couple more. Hubs and babe were pretty done at this point! 

The next day we were supposed to go Christmas tree shopping, because of the whole flash situation, I decided we should get a few more photos at the tree lot.

 We picked up our trusty photographer Oksana and went to a tree lot and took a bunch of photos(without flash!) 

They turned out great, which was a relief, because hubby and Matthew were tired of the camera already.

And before we went home, we found the perfect tree, so the day was a great success! 

As soon as we put Matthew down for the night, I hopped on and started designing our card. 

They were having a 50% off sale on all holiday cards, which was awesome! 

I love me a good deal! 

Plus I had a $20 voucher, so I got our cards for a steal! 

What stores/websites do you get your holiday cards? 

Here are some of the photos from our two sessions (including a few with the flash on 🙈). 

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