Christmas weekend!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 

Christmas is over, but what a fantastic weekend it was. 

It definitely was busy, but in the best way possible. 

On Friday hubby and I were invited to our close friends’ home for a Christmas cookie party. We made, decorated, and ate cookies, all while enjoying hot cocoa and great company. It truly is wonderful how you can have fun doing pretty much anything when you’re surrounded by the right people. 

On Saturday night, we took our sweet kiddo to the children’s Christmas Eve service at our church. Even though he’s too young to really understand or enjoy it, I’m glad we went. There were some terrific performances, and the play was well executed and had a great message! At the end, the children got small gifts filled with treats to take home. 

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Sunday was Christmas Day! In the morning, we had breakfast with my side of the family, took a ton of photos, and exchanged gifts. I loved watching Matthew take it all in. And he seemed to love all of the gifts that he got. His favorite was a toss up between and toy vacuum and a play set of pots and pans. He got so many toys and gifts, but those are the ones that he still plays with every day. 

In the afternoon we went to our church for the Christmas service, and afterwards we went back to my parents house for dinner and dessert, and a secret santa exchange with our cousins. 

After that, we had yet another Christmas party to attend, this time with hubby’s side of the family, which meant more gifts, food, and fun. Matthew had tons of fun with his cousins! 

It was a tiring but happy day, filled with love and joy. 

And to top off an incredible weekend, Hubs had Monday off, we took a little road trip and had a snow day! 

Now to celebrate the start of the New Year!


How was your Christmas weekend? 

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