Toys for Toddlers

When it comes to toddlers, toys are a hit and miss! Well, at least with my kiddo. Sometimes he would rather play with a spatula or a laundry basket than some of the toys he has, which is just funny, because, after his birthday and Christmas, the kid has more toys than we have space (courtesy of his two sets of grandparents, plus uncles and aunts)!
Here are some toys that have been a great hit! Most of these are for kids ages 1-3.

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I mentioned this in a previous post, this vacuum is Matthew’s favorite toy. He especially loves it when we’re vacuuming, he grabs it and “helps”. I hope his love for cleaning sticks as he gets older. A mom can dream, right?

More toy vacuums here.

Speaking of love for cleaning, this mop and broom set is another favorite! I don’t know where he gets it, but he just loves keeping things tidy. He also has this set, though I do think the wooden one will last longer.


It seems all kids just love to imitate mom and dad, so a toy shopping cart is another great choice for pretend play. We have this kind in blue.


Matthew loves all things kitchen. He can spend hours playing with spatulas and Tupperware and pots and pans. So for Christmas, we got him this set, and he loves it. It’s the perfect size for him, and I can use my own stuff without interference, which is a bonus!


Similar set

Similar set

Keys and phones are also things that kids love to steal from parents, so it’s nice for them to have their own. We have this phone and these keys for Matthew.


Ride on cars are great for boys as well as girls!

Matthew has this Lightning McQueen push car, as well as this kind of battery powered quad.


Similar push car

Similar quad

When the weather improves, we’ll be taking this tricycle out to enjoy outdoors. Matthew tried it a few times in the summer, and he loved it, even though he couldn’t really ride it at the time. This one is a neat choice if your kid is smaller, it can grow along with them.

This Lawnmower is good for fun indoors or outdoors. It has 3 different levels of play to keep your little one entertained for a while. Plus it’s great for kiddos to push while learning how to walk.

Another great toy for learning to walk and just learning is this zebra walker. It has a bunch of activities and songs, my kiddo still likes to play with it even though he’s been walking for a while on his own.

This Drop and Go Dump Truck is another fun one, kiddo drops in the balls and then dumps them, plus there’s a string attached to pull it along.

It’s great when kids learn as well as play, and I think alphabet toys are awesome for that. Matthew has this LeapFrog Alphapup, which is also a pull toy, and he has this Fisher-Price Smart Pad. When he plays with these, he tries to sing along to the ABC’s which is adorable.

Speaking of the alphabet, magnets are also a fun and educational pastime. Just make sure the magnets don’t detach from the letter and aren’t small enough to swallow.

A magnetic drawing board is a super alternative to drawing. With this board, your child can express themselves and learn to draw, without the risk of crayon murals on your walls. That’s a win-win!

Blocks are usually a kid favorite, though it seems kids enjoy knocking them down even more than building them up! Matthew has these, which are greater for younger children, plus they work well in water as well. He also loves these.

So there you have it!

Toddler favorites, from the point of view of my own 15-month-old.
What’s your toddler’s favorite thing to play with?

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