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Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with kids

I’ve always loved celebrating Valentine’s Day, no matter if I was single, dating, or married. Now that I’m a mom, it’s no exception. There are tons of fun things to do with your mini valentine!

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Last year I enjoyed doing a little photo shoot with my sweet babe in honor of love day. The possibilities are endless, so you can choose whatever fits you and your child. You can dress your little one up in a cute red or pink outfit, or you can do lipstick kisses on your nakey (or diapered) baby for a photo session. I loved doing that one last year! You can do a different theme every year!

This was our mini shoot from last year.

This year I had to bribe him to model for me with organic gummy bears.
Another great Valentine’s activity is reading with your kiddo. It’s an awesome way to bond, and helps with their development. You can make it extra special by cuddling up in matching pjs, getting a festive blanket, and choosing books that are love-themed. This could be made into a tradition, and you can read the same book or books every year with your growing child(ren).

Enjoying a few of our favorite love books.
Arts and crafts are also a great Valentine’s Day activity, if your kiddo is old enough. We did some crafting this year (or rather attempted to). I placed a heart-shaped cutout on a white sheet of paper, and helped him paint in red over it (non toxic and washable paint is the way to go).

Let’s just say, things got messy. If you do something like this, make sure you cover your work area (I used a trash bag), and also make sure they’re not wearing anything too special, as they probably will get paint EVERYWHERE. Plastic bibs might be a good idea, although that wasn’t enough coverage for my little man, maybe we’ll try an apron/smock next time.

There are so many craft ideas on Pinterest (painting, origami, stickers, pipe cleaners, etc.), so you can definitely find something that you can enjoy with your child, and then you have a nice keepsake to look back on.

 If crafting isn’t your thing but you’re a whiz in the kitchen, you can make some yummy treats with your little one’s help. You can make something classic like brownies or cookies or cupcakes, or you can find a recipe for a healthier treat! Kids love sweets, and they seem to enjoy spending time in the kitchen and playing with utensils and such, so this way they get the best of both worlds, with the added bonus of spending quality time with their parent(s). Plus, you get to enjoy the finished product as well!

I realize that I used soo many exclamation points, but that’s because I really do love Valentine’s Day, and all the fun stuff you can do to celebrate with your little valentine. I hope these ideas inspire you to have a blast with your little on Valentine’s Day.

And when the kids go to sleep, go ahead and enjoy a romantic Valentine’s dinner with your love. 🙂

What are some of your favorite Valentine’s activities with your littles?

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