Bye Bye Binkie – Weaning from the pacifier!

I’m so happy to say little M is officially weaned off the pacifier!! Now don’t get me wrong, pacifiers have been awesome for us. They saved us from many tantrums and screaming rages during the last year (and few months). I was extremely grateful that he took a pacifier as a newborn, especially since he was a colicky babe, and he was able to get soothed with pacifiers. But now he’s almost one and a half, he has 8 teeth (and more coming), and it’s just time to say goodbye to pacifiers.

Weaning from the pacifier

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Leading up to this, I stopped giving him the paci during the day. He primarily only used it for sleep (naps and nighttime). Sometimes I would give him one when we went out and he was fussy. But little by little, we cut down to just sleep.
Before starting this process, I did a bit of research (as most moms do), and I found a few different tips. Some suggest to just quit cold turkey, just throw away the pacifier and deal with a few days/nights of crying and fits. For older toddlers, some suggest explaining that they are a big kid now and that they can “send” their paci for another baby to use. There’s even a “system” sold to help you wean your baby. My favorite option was to pierce or cut off the tip of the pacifier so that your kiddo no longer gets the satisfaction of suction, and they lose interest themselves. So this is the option we decided to go with.

Sleeping so sweetly without a paci!

I prepared myself for some sleepless nights and lots of tears, but to my pleasant surprise, Matthew took it very well. He fussed a little in the beginning of his nap/bedtime, but eventually fell asleep and slept great! At least 2 hours for naps, and 10-12 hours at night.

We used Wubbanubs since he was probably about a month old and usually put at least 2 in his crib for naps and nighttime. Wubbanubs we’re our favorite because they have a small stuffed animal attached, which made it easier for him to find it at night by himself. And now he just gets to keep the little stuffed toys without the pacifier, so he still has a comfort item to sleep with.
We started by just putting a hole in one of the Wubbanubs, leaving the other one whole for the first night. He tried it and spit it right out, and replaced it with the whole one and went to sleep.

Bye Bye Binkie
The next night we gave him one with a hole, and one with the tip cut off. He was not happy, he cried and whined, and kept trying to suck on it anyway, so I stayed in the room with him, occasionally patting him and humming/shushing until he fell asleep.

The following night, we gave him one Wubbanub with the pacifier completely cut off, and another with the tip cut off. Again he fussed and whined, this time hubby stayed humming/shushing/patting until he drifted off. This time he fell asleep much faster and without putting the pacifier in his mouth.

For the last night, we gave him two Wubbanubs with both pacifiers cut off. He laid down, saw that there was no paci, and just went to sleep without a fuss! Parenting win!!
Side note, we didn’t change anything for naps and kept the Wubbanubs the same as the previous night. The naps went smoother than the night before, with only minimal shushing and comforting for a minute or two, if at all. Overall, he did so great! I am super excited that we were successful in this endeavor! And also a tiny bit sad that my baby boy is growing up so fast!

Wubbanubs with a hole, tip cut off, and pacifier completely cut off.

By the way, despite the number of mentions, this post is not sponsored by Wubbanub. We just kind of loved them for little M. 🙂

Next challenge: Potty Training! Wish us luck!

Do you have any special tricks for pacifier weaning?

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7 thoughts on “Bye Bye Binkie – Weaning from the pacifier!”

  1. How did you make sure the paci cuts / holes were clean and smoothe? I’m so afraid I won’t cut it correctly and chunks will come off in my daughters mouth while she’s sleeping at night and create a choking hazard.

    1. I used the thinnest sharpest scissors I had to create smooth cuts, but I also didn’t feel like it was a choking hazard for my son because as soon as he tried the paci and realized there’s no suction, he lost interest in it and tossed it aside. When you give it to your child, watch them and see what they do, if they continue trying to suck on it, or worse, chew on it, that warrants concern and obviously more supervision, and you might have to take it away or skip straight to the last step. Hope that helps! Good luck. 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for the reply! I actually tried the tiny hole tonight and she did just like your son and immediately lost interest! Thanks for the tips!

  2. When you cut the paci off did you just cut it to the mouth or did you completely remove it and sew it back up??

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