Life update, settling in. 

It’s been about a month since we relocated from Sacramento to Orange County. It’s been a month of adjustment for sure! We’re now settled in for the most part. It’s always the last couple of boxes that take forever to unpack, isn’t it? No? Just me? The move itself was a little tough, and unpacking was kind of a pain, and of course we miss our friends and family, but honestly, we love it here! We can really call our new place “home”, and that feels amazing. 

I’ve been loving having a “blank canvas” to decorate and furnish. We’ve settled into a routine, and we continue to explore our new city and find cool places. 

We love going to the beach (my favorite!) and Little M is basically obsessed with playing in the sand. I’m so happy with the memories we are making here for our family. Our church has been super welcoming, making us feel right at home as well. 

As for missing our family and friends, we’ve already had some visitors, and I’ve been back to Sac once with little M as well, with another trip planned in the near future, and a few more visitors as well. 

When we were planning our move, I didn’t really know what to expect. Everyone kept telling me how lonely and bored I will be, and that for that reason (and some others) we will be moving back before we know it. And while I do have those days when I’m a little bored or lonely, I remember also having those days in Sacramento. Being a stay at home mom means that your child is your priority, and your social life takes a backseat. That won’t change no matter where I live, so it most certainly won’t cause us to move back. However I do hope to meet people here, and form new relationships, because let’s face it, toddlers/kids aren’t always the best conversationalists. 

Anyway, we are quite happy with this new chapter in our lives, and excited to see what the future holds. 

P.S. Anyone have any favorite places to eat in the OC area? I’d love some recommendations. 🙂

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