How to get Free Stuff with Infuenster!

Free stuff is awesome, right? At the risk of sounding cheap, I’m gonna say that the only thing I like more than a bargain, is free stuff. But one thing I hate is dealing with those scam “freebie” sites that just end up spamming your inbox.
That’s where Influenster comes in!

Influenster is basically a product review community. I signed up about 9 months ago, and so far I have received 6 VoxBoxes and a prize box! Voxboxes are boxes of products (both full size and sample size) that Influenster mails to you in exchange for reviews and/or Social media participation, with the goal of building brand awareness and getting feedback on newly released products. It’s a great way to try new products, and score some awesome stuff!

Each box comes with a list of tasks you can complete, or “badge”, which helps you qualify for future boxes. Completing badges is not mandatory, the only mandatory things you have to do it check in your box when you receive it, and take a quick survey after you’ve had a chance to test the stuff in the box( you have to do this or you won’t be eligible for future boxes). Sometimes I do the tasks for the badge, and other times I skip them.
To get a VoxBox, you have to sign up, then link up your social media accounts, and those will determine your impact score. The higher the score, the more chances to get chosen for boxes. I’ve seen some people complain that only people with a ton of followers get boxes, but social media isn’t the only factor they consider. If you have a small impact score, you can still get boxes by being active on their site/app, by reviewing products you’ve used before or asking/answering questions about certain products. 

You will complete a survey for the system to figure out your areas of interests, and then you can take “snaps” which are random questions that get updated when there’s an upcoming box and they want to determine who to send it to. You can also participate in virtual Voxes, which don’t come with a box, but increase your likelihood to get a box later.


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I got my first box about a month after I signed up, and the second one that same week. All I did was connect my social media, completed the snaps, and reviewed a few things, and they sent me a couple surveys to see if I was a match for the current campaigns boxes.

The first box was the ALDI Little Journey VoxBox, which had two full sized containers of baby puffs, a full bottle of baby wash, and samples of their wipes and diapers. The diapers were size 1 so I couldn’t use them, but other than that, little M and I liked that box. The value was probably about $20, give or take.

The second box was probably my favorite so far. It was the Estée Edit VoxBox, which included the “Late night Eraser” eye balm, eyeshadow creme and powder, double sided eye kajal (liner), and my all-time favorite, the radiance activator. The value of this box was $125!!!

The third box I received was the BITE Matte Creme Lip Crayon VoxBox. This one had three full sized lip crayons in different shades (Two pink-ish colors and one red). They were each worth $24, making the value of the box $72.

Box number four was the St. Ives Voxbox, containing their new Coconut Oil Scrub. I wasn’t the biggest fan of this one because it made my face feel too oily (probably better for people with dry skin). The value of this box was about $13.

My fifth box was the Laura Mercier TLSP VoxBox, which had a sample of the Foundation Primer, and a full sized container of their Loose Setting Powder with the velour puff. Total value was probably around $55.

The sixth box was the Ole Henriksen Balance VoxBox, which consisted of the “Balance” set (Cleanser, Toner, and Hydrator). The value of this one was about $85.

I also received a prize box for participating in the BITE Instagram “party” for which I simply posted a photo of myself wearing one of the lip colors (which also counted toward the badge). My prize box included another Matte Creme lip crayon, a Creme Lip Gloss, and a Creme Lipstick. (Value about $70)

So in the last nine months or so, I have received and got to test almost $450 worth of products for FREE. At least half of these were from higher end brands, and I discovered some great companies and products, and actually ended up falling in love with a few of them.

This post is not sponsored by Influenster, I just wanted to share something I personally think is so awesome. Use my referral link to sign up (I’ll get bonus Impact points if you do), and don’t get discouraged if you don’t get any boxes at first. Just keep reviewing and checking the snaps! You may just stumble upon an amazing product or brand!

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