10 minute Makeup Routine

Makeup is so much fun, and it’s an awesome way to get a little confidence boost., while simultaneously releasing some of your creative energy. Plus, there is so much different makeup out there! Honestly, there are millions of different products that you can try! You can feel like an artist with a paintbrush.

But sometimes, you just don’t have time to deal with so many products. Maybe you don’t want to wake up super early to have extra time for all that makeup, or maybe you’re a mom who doesn’t have the luxury of extra time.

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Whatever the reason, you should still be able to feel confident and pretty. And so, I want to share my essentials for a quick makeup routine. My makeup usually takes me on average no more than ten minutes, unless it’s a special occasion or I know I have that extra time. Obviously everyone is different, so you would have to customize your routine to fit your needs (skin type, problem areas, look that you’re trying to achieve), but hopefully, this can help shorten your time at the mirror in the morning.


Step 1: Prep.

You start with a clean “canvas”, and you go from there. Normally you would use moisturizer and primer, although I often skip moisturizer and just use primer because I use a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. If you need or want more coverage, or you have dry skin, don’t skip moisturizer!


Step 2: Brows.

I just use a brow brush or spooly to groom my brows into place, and then a pencil to fix the shape and fill in sparse spots. Some people use crayons, powders, or gels, but I found that pencils give me the cleanest look. I set my brows with clear brow gel.


Step 3: Eye shadow.

I do shadow before the rest of my face so that I can clean it up if some shadow dust falls on my cheeks. For my everyday look, I just use a neutral shade all over my lid, and for a more “glam” look, I do a neutral smoky eye, with a darker shade on the outer parts of my lids.


Step 4: Eyeliner and mascara.

I love a good wing, but if I’m really crunched for time I skip the liner and just do any extra layer of mascara (this one is my favorite ever!). Eyeliner might just be the longest step of my whole routine, I still struggle with making them thin and even, so I have to go super slow.


Step 5: Foundation and concealer.

I use a tinted moisturizer or BB cream because I don’t need full coverage, but I also use 2 different concealers for the dark circles under my eyes. This color corrector really helps reduce the darkness. I love using a kabuki brush for my foundation/BB cream, and a beauty blender for blending my concealer.


Step 6: Contour/bronzer/blush.

I don’t do any crazy contouring, but I do use a bit of bronzer to emphasize my cheekbones, and blush on the apples of my cheeks. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll use a little highlight.


Step 7: Lips and set.

I usually just use lip balm (sometimes tinted) and I set my makeup with either a translucent powder, or sometimes a shimmery one.


This literally takes me ten to fifteen minutes to do, from start to finish. If you skip the eyeliner, that’ll save you at least a couple minutes. Skipping contouring and blush can save a little more time. It all depends on the look you’re going for. You can look gorgeous (you probably already do!) without spending hours in front of the mirror. 🙂

Here are my fave beauty products!

Do you have any time saving makeup tips?


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