Dressing a Boy

Before I had my son, before I was pregnant, before I was even married, I always loved shopping for little girls’ clothes. I loved being invited to baby showers or birthdays for girls because that meant that I had the opportunity to peruse aisles upon aisles of bows, sequins, and ruffles.

There were (and still are) so many adorable choices for little girls in the clothing department, while little boys seem to have received the short end of the stick. Whenever I happened to shop for a boy’s baby shower or birthday, I would struggle. It just seemed as though the selection was so limited, and nothing really stood out. Fast forward to today, and I love shopping for my little boy! When I found out I’d be having a boy, I knew I wanted my son to look well dressed. So of course, I searched Pinterest for ideas and browsed all the children’s stores for the cutest boy styles. And now, with my son turning two in October, I feel like I finally have the boy style down, and I’d love to share some tips I learned along the way.

Now don’t get me wrong, there were/are many days that I just dressed him in the first things I could reach. There were days that were spent in pajamas, and quite often, there were no pant days. They are children after all, and they don’t really care what they wear, as long as they’re comfortable. Even so, I enjoy dressing “up” my son, the same way I enjoy getting dressed up myself. Sometimes, he’s a natural little “model”, so I snap some photos, while other days, he’ll avoid the camera at all costs. Either way, he’s a little stud muffin and he makes my heart melt. I will enjoy every outfit I dress him in until he no longer lets me dress him.

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On to the tips…

I try to avoid character clothing, or obnoxious/baby prints. Of course, there are exceptions, and I know that some of his cutest outfits from his newborn days were layettes and onesies with little animal characters and baby blue designs.  

These are my all time favorite stores to shop for little M’s clothes:






I love dressing him in plain T-shirts, especially V-necks or Pocket Tees. I don’t know what it is about them, but they just make him look like such an adorable “grown up” little toddler.


I have a love for graphic tees, and there are some adorable and hilarious ones out there for kiddos.


Whenever I dress little M in a muscle tee or tank, I can barely handle the cuteness! Like seriously, my heart melts! Especially when I ask him to make a muscle, and he attempts it. ALL. THE. FEELS.


There are also lots of options for cooler weather. His first few months were in the fall/winter, and I LOVED all of the cute little sweaters and pullovers I found. Like the tiny little GAP sweater (heart eyes times infinity). I also loved layering cute cardigans or jackets.


Of course, all of these sweet top options have to be paired with some sort of bottom for a full outfit (Or not, cuz no pant days are totally okay too). The most comfortable option has to be joggers/sweats/leggings (And yes, there are boy leggings). Mix and match plain and printed items, like printed leggings with a plain Tee, or a graphic tee with solid joggers/sweats. Your kiddo will look effortlessly cool, and they’ll be comfortable enough to engage in everyday shenanigans.


Little jeans are probably my favorite. I don’t know why, but the tinier the jeans, the more I want to squeal with delight. The first time I put jeans on my son, he was under two months, and I took SOOO many photos! And even now as a toddler, His little jeans kill me!


When the temperature is higher, and you don’t want your child to fry in pants, so shorts are probably the best option. Just stick to simpler designs or solid colors, and he’ll be stylin’ all summer long.


For church or special occasions, I like to go the extra mile and dress little M in a button down shirt with jeans or slacks. Cuteness overload!


No outfit is complete without shoes! I did not really think this the first couple of months after little M was born, so he was shoeless most of that time, and whenever I did attempt to put shoes on him, they always came off almost right away. I recommend moccasin type shoes for smaller babes as they tend to stay on better, and also when they’re learning to walk because the soft soles are better for their feet. I also love TOMS, little M probably has about 6-7 pairs, and hubby and I wear them as well.


Don’t forget to complete their outfits with accessories. Our current favorites are little sunnies (find some at the Target dollar spot!), and hats for sun protection (whenever we can get him to not yank it off). We also loved bandana bibs when little M was teething and drooling, and we sometimes do bow ties and/or suspenders for church. (Adorable!)

What are some of your favorite style tips for dressing your little one?

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