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Why I’m okay with Spoiling my Child

Before you decide that I’m the world’s most terrible mother, let me explain. Yes, my son is well taken care of. He has all the clothes and toys he could want or need, and more(mostly thanks to his grandparents). But that’s not what I mean when I say I want to spoil him. The kind of spoiling I’m talking about is with experiences, happiness, and love.

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Instead of buying him the next new toy or gadget, I want to create memories. I’d rather go to the beach, or the zoo, or the children’s museum. If I spend money on him, I want it to bring him joy, and make smile or giggle. I want to splurge every once in a while and take my son to Disneyland, LegoLand, or whatever other amusement parks he might be interested in, and spend an entire day just goofing off and having fun. But even if I spend zero dollars, I can still spoil him with fun times together, whether we go to the local park or even at home. Because children don’t really want or need a ton of toys and gadgets and gifts to be happy. All they need is love and quality time and they will be the happiest kid around!

The thing is, in today’s busy world, parents try to buy their kids’ love with gifts instead of quality time. They have jobs and chores and so many tasks to complete, so it only seems logical. That’s life, it’s busy. But when those kids grow up, I don’t think they’ll remember those toys or gifts with the same fondness they’ll remember the special moments spent with their parents. And as parents, all we really want is to give our little ones a good childhood, right? We want them to smile whenever they think about their first years.

So go ahead, spoil your children! Just give them something more valuable than material gifts. Give them priceless memories of joy and time well spent. Give them a childhood that they’ll look back on with a happy heart. Give them love.

This was our recent spontaneous beach trip. We had a blast with little M. He chased some seagulls, helped daddy did a hole (which he then climbed into and did not want to get out), and ran away from the waves. It was definitely a day to remember!

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What’s your favorite way to “spoil” your children?

5 thoughts on “Why I’m okay with Spoiling my Child”

  1. I agree 100%. I spoil my toddler with experiences too, not toys or materialistic items, but experiences he’ll never forget and I’m not guilty either. 😉 Memories are irreplaceable and the more you can create with them while they are young, the better chance you have of building a strong bond when they get older.

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