Father’s Day Gift Guide ft. JORD watches

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Father’s Day is quickly approaching, so it’s time to find something that will show the dads in your life how appreciated they are! I am lucky to have not one, but THREE amazing fathers in my life (four, counting our Father in heaven, who blesses us daily, and who is worthy of much more than we can ever offer); my own father, who has always provided for our family in every way, my awesome husband, who is the best father to our little boy, and my father-in-law, who raised my hubby to be the man he is today.

Many times, fathers get overlooked for all they do for their families and children. The little things they do may seem insignificant to some, but they are really irreplaceable. Whether it’s having a tickle fight/wrestling match, or setting a curfew, or just having a deep conversation with their child, fathers are shaping their children into who they will become.

I know that fathers, and men in general, are usually difficult to shop for, I thought I’d put together a gift guide to help you show some love to the dads in your life.

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Many men are not very materialistic, so the gift of experiences might be a good idea. My dad always loves receiving a fishing license, so that he could enjoy some fishing trips throughout the year. You could also get fishing or camping gear, or even plan a fishing or camping trip to enjoy with your #1 dad! And if the dad in your life isn’t into those activities, you can gift something that involves whatever he does like (think golf equipment, scuba gear, movie tickets, etc..)


Another fun “experience” gift you can give is a spa treatment of some sort. I know it may not seem “manly”, but I don’t think there are many people that would refuse a nice massage, or a sauna or hot springs package.


And if the spa isn’t his thing, you can plan a fun day for him to enjoy with the kiddos or the whole family. This could include a trip to the zoo, a picnic at a nice park, a day at the lake or beach, or even just a lazy day at home with breakfast in bed and a movie marathon.


If you want gift giving to be a little simpler, or you want to add to one of the options above, here are some of my favorite buyable gifts:


Sunglasses, because everyone can use a pair of shades, especially with summer around the corner.

A new wallet, because, let’s face it, most men use the same old wallet until it falls apart.

Grooming products, because looking and smelling nice isn’t just for women.

Tech supplies, because in today’s day and age, technology is everywhere, and this would be a useful gift for pretty much anyone.

A beautiful JORD watch, because punctuality is a great trait, and also, how cool are these wooden watches? I gifted one to my hubby (I couldn’t wait until Father’s Day) and I think it really suits him.

They are really lightweight, unique, and come in many different styles (men’s and women’s), plus you can personalize your gift by getting it engraved! And guess what? If you sign up here, you will get a $25 gift code to use towards your JORD purchase, and one person will win a $100 gift code! Enter here!

Watch Gift Ideas

Giveaway ends July 2nd, 2017

Gift codes expires August 31st, 2017

Husband’s watch is the Koa and Ash.

Aren’t my fellas so handsome? 

What are you gifting on Father’s Day?

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