Diaper Bag Essentials

You don’t really realize how much stuff kids require until you have one of your own. It becomes especially apparent when you need to leave the house with your little one, and it feels like you’re packing up half your nursery to go with you. With some trial and error, you learn what you really need, and what you can leave behind. As a mom of a toddler, I finally feel like I’ve got the whole diaper bag thing down, at least for now (I’m sure that if I have another baby, I’ll have plenty more learning to do). And so I’ll be sharing my diaper bag essentials!

If you’re thinking about what diaper bag to get, read this post for some cute diaper bags that don’t look tacky or babyish.

diaper bag essentials


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I like to have all of the changing essentials in a separate pouch to keep things organized. It’s convenient because I don’t have to take the entire diaper bag when I need to change little M while we’re out. I also like to be able to use one of my larger purses instead of a diaper bag, and this makes it very easy to switch back and forth and stay organized.


Changing pad

Most diaper bags come with one of these, but in case yours doesn’t or you need an extra, they’re also sold separately, or they come in cute little changing clutches, which is nice for the reason listed above.


Wipes and diapers

These are pretty obvious, but still worth mentioning. It’s always a good idea to check that you have enough each time you’re getting ready to go out. You don’t want to find yourself dealing with a blowout and running out of wipes, or using the last diaper when you know you won’t be going home for a while. If your little one is potty trained or in the process, you want to have a few extra pull ups and/or undies, as well as a couple extra pants or bottoms. You can keep extras in your car so that you don’t have to lug everything around in your bag.


Diaper cream/balm

I like keeping the honest healing balm in my diaper bag because it can be used for diaper rash, dry skin, red patches, and even hand lotion if I run out of mine.



Babies spit up, older babies and toddlers can be messy eaters, so bibs are a good idea to keep your little one’s clothes clean.


Extra change of clothes

I’ve learned that this is pretty essential no matter what age your babe is. As I already mentioned, newborns spit up a ton, older babies are messy eaters, small toddlers play messy, and even potty trained toddlers can have an accident. That’s why I have to have at least one change of clothes for little M whenever we leave the house (I usually have one in my diaper bag and one in the car).



Most little ones love food, especially snacks. I find snacks to be a great distraction while out shopping, and an easy way to avoid a tantrum. I like to pack puree pouches, crackers/pretzels, little raisin boxes, and puffs. It’s also a good idea to grab some water for your kiddo. 


Age appropriate toys/small books

Children can be entertained by almost anything, but they usually also lose interest quickly, which means it’s good to have a few different activities for them. I like to have a couple of little books, as well as a few different kinds of toys, so when he gets bored with one, I just hand him one of the others.


Sanitizer wipes

Kids get into everything, and they love to put everything in their mouth, so these wipes are great to keep germs at bay. Use them to clean little hands, toys, shopping carts, and restaurant tables.


Sunscreen and hat

Especially in the summer days, and if you’re spending time outdoors, you want to protect you kids from the sun.



Don’t forget about mama! You’ll want some of your own essentials in your diaper bag too. I keep my stuff separated by putting it all in a little drawstring bag (from my Mama & Little necklace). That way I can grab it and put it in my purse if I go somewhere without my little guy. You can also use a little pouch or makeup bag.

Mama & Little necklace ( use code MOMBUNSANDCOFFEE for 15% off)

Hand sanitizer

Hand lotion

Hair ties

Nail file

Lip balm/stick



Feminine products


I’m really hoping as he gets older, he will require less “stuff”, but then again, there could be another child by that point, so I’ll probably be sporting diaper bags for a long while… Thank goodness for cute diaper bags!

What does your diaper bag look like?

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