10 Perks of Being a Stay at Home Mom

“What do you do all day? Don’t you get bored?” Those are probably the top two questions stay at home moms get asked. And while there are slow days, busy times, or boring moments, being a stay at home mom definitely has many perks. And even if you have an infant that won’t sleep more than 30 minutes stretches or a toddler that’s well into their terrible twos (my current situation), you have to remember that these are some of the best days of your life. You will look back one day, and miss these special times with your sweet little ones. 

10 Perks of Being a Stay at Home Mom
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I personally have been going through a tough parenting period lately, and after taking a little break from blogging, I thought I’d write this post as encouragement for myself and others in similar situations. After all, even though being a stay at home mom sometimes can be boring, exhausting, or overwhelming, it’s really a blessing and a privilege. So here are some perks of being a SAHM!

Spending time with the tiny human(s) you created.

You’re the person that knows them better than anyone. When they’re learning to talk, you translate, because you’re the first person to hear new words. You teach them manners and good habits. You can encourage them to be an artist, or singer, or reader. You shape them into the person they’ll grow up to be and you learn all about their little (big) personality before anyone else. You’re the person that knows them better than anyone.

So many cuddles with said tiny human(s).

Cuddles with your babies are probably the sweetest thing in the world. And chances are, the more time you spend with them, the more cuddles you get. My son isn’t big on cuddles, but every once in a while the mood strikes him, and I’m so happy to be the one on the receiving end!

No work stress.

Obviously, parenting comes with its own stress, but at least you don’t have to worry about deadlines or uniforms or commuting during rush hour traffic. You can do yo thang all from the comfort of your own home, wearing sweats or pjs. Also, your boss is adorable and usually at least somewhat easy to please.

Having some extra time to take care of things at home.

Before having my son, I worked full time, and let me tell you, the last thing I wanted to worry about after work was housework. Dishes would pile up, laundry would be neglected, and Saturday’s were spent trying to get the house in order or running errands instead of relaxing. Now I stay busy with the kiddo, but I can also do house chores or errands throughout the days, and actually have fun on the weekends.

Being able to plan and prepare dinner without having to rush.

When I worked full time, dinner was my worst enemy. I was terrible at planning ahead, so I would scramble after work to throw something together, or we would just throw in the towel and get take out. Now I’m able to actually enjoy planning and cooking meals. I can get creative and try new recipes, and have everything ready way before dinner time.

Nap time= so many possibilities.

Nap time is almost magic. Especially if your little one sleeps longer stretches. You can start on dinner in peace. Or tackle folding laundry while no one is there to unfold Every. Single. Thing. Tired? You can have a nap too! Don’t feel like doing anything? Go catch up on your favorite show or read a book. I love spending time with my (mostly) sweet boy, but naptime is for sure a welcome break for both of us.

Not having to worry about your appearance.

You don’t have a strict uniform to follow, you don’t have to spend hours in uncomfortable shoes, and you don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn (or earlier) to get your makeup and hair just right. Some days I like to wear a full face of makeup, other days I’m happy to have a bare face. Of course, if you want to, you can get dressed up and glam, but it’s nice that you have the option of staying in comfy clothes all day without a smidge of makeup.

Actually being able to raise your child the way you want.

I know that staying home is a privilege and not an option for everyone. But I am so thankful that I was able to choose to stay home with little M while hubby provided for us. I’m happy that we didn’t have to pay someone else to raise our child. I can teach him what and how I want to teach him. And however he turns out, I’ll know that I did everything in my power to raise him right.

Having time and freedom to go on adventures.

You can go and do fun things that work gets in the way of. You can explore your neighborhood, go to zoos and museums, or try out new cafes and coffee shops. The best part is, your little one can enjoy it all with you. To be honest, this is one perk that I don’t take advantage of often enough, though I should!

Getting a new hobby, or getting caught up with an old one.

With work, hobbies go way down on your list of priorities. But without strict schedules, you can find some time to discovering or getting back to your hobbies (nap time could be perfect for this!). For me, this blog is my hobby. I’ve also been having fun experimenting more in the kitchen.

I hope that if you’ve been struggling in motherhood, some of these will lift your spirits. Remember, the days are long but the years are short. So cuddle your babe while you can, and if the day isn’t going so great, tomorrow will hopefully go better.

What’s something that you love about being a stay at home mama?

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