Sweater Weather Roundup

Happy fall Y’all!

Pretty much all of my life, I have been a summer person. I would always prefer warmth to cold, and the winter months kind of made me miserable. However, since moving to Southern California, I feel like I’ve been living in the longest summer season ever! So now that sweater weather has finally made an appearance here, I’m definitely taking advantage and retiring my summer wardrobe and bringing out all the cozy sweaters instead! Even though I have a ton of them, I want more every time I see cute ones in stores or online. You can never have too many sweaters, right? And while I know buying ALL the sweaters is a little crazy, it doesn’t hurt to browse… So I’m going to share my finds with you in a little sweater weather roundup! These would also be great for the upcoming holidays, to gift or keep.

Check out my favorites, all under $50!

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